Outliner and document organizer that integrates into MS Word

What people say about WordOutliner?

Note: These are words from the users of Writing Outliner, but are also applied to the re-designed WordOutliner.

...My life so much easier...

I first learned to outline in 1955 as a high school junior. I've been waiting for this software ever since! FINALLY, there's a complete solution suited to my writing style and needs.

I've spent ALL DAY today using your software on a BIG book project I'm pulling together. Having the research folder AND the draft folder both immediately accessible is making my life so much easier. THANKS!

- Thomas B. Colvin, free-lance writer and musician

It is an indispensable writing tool for Word...

Writers can over-come so-called "writer's block" by carefully outlining and researching their writing projects. That's why I think Writing Outliner is a dream come true for writers. It enables us to easily create and organize material in ways that enhance writing quality and speed the writing process. I use Writing Outliner every day and think it is an indispensable writing tool for Word.

- Donald L. Hughes, CEO, Theatron Media Group., Inc.

A must-have for all serious writers who use MS Word!

Of the several programs for writers that I have tried ā€“ immediately rejecting some of them, fiddling around for some time with others ā€“ Writing Outliner is the first I am definitely going to use all the time. It provides so much of what a writer who knows what (s)he is doing needs:
  • The flexibility of organization of longer text,
  • Focusing on fragments (with summaries, tags, notes),
  • Their overview, rearrangement and revising, all in one place.
While plotting capabilities may lack some of the (sometimes confusing) complexity that other programs provide, with Edwin flexibly responding to users' wishes, the functionalities are continually expanding! A must for all serious writers who use Word.

- Andrej E. Skubic, novelist and playwright

...It allows for much better organization of thoughts, resources...

I've been using Writing Outliner for a few days now. First, for a beta product, it's remarkably bug-free. Second, I get it, I really get it! It's a nice tool, it allows for much better organization of thoughts, resources, and subdocuments than Word does.... And third, it works with EndNote, which is very important to me.

- Mitchell L. Silverman, J.D., M.S., legal reference and emerging technologies librarian.

...Gets the documents all together and easy to organize and work with...

Thank you very much for creating this product. My wife wants me to put her writings into a book and I'm really clueless about Word. Your Outliner at least gets the documents all together and easy to organize and work with. Without it, I could be spending ages trying to get master documents or word outliner or document map working right. Now, instead, I can spend ages figuring out templates, building blocks and a zillion other things! ;-)

- Member of the old Writing Outliner Maertese said in a post

...Allowed me to keep all of my information close at hand while maintaining a viable outline...

This March I was scheduled to deliver 3 presentations/papers at the International Listening Association conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the past I used a single Word file along with a Treepad database of information. I would create an outline in Word and begin to fill in the sections of the outline with both research notes. This produced a very large file that became more unusable the closer I got to completion and the outline itself became obliterated. Writing Outliner has allowed me to continue to work in Word. It ability to create multiple files in an outline configuration, along with its research and notes folders allowed me to keep all of my information close at hand while maintaining a viable outline. The tabbed configuration allowed for jumping between sections and checking my reference notes. By working the outline, I was able to complete two of the papers, similar content, very quickly. The third, a different subject area moved along rapidly using the tools made available by the Outliner. My thanks to Edwin for his outstanding product. He has be very quick at responding to any issue that was brought to his attention and is open about the features and direction the product is taking. I look forward to the production release. Iā€™m sure that it will prove to be a significant benefit to any writer of either fiction or non-fiction.

- Alan R. Ehrlich The Center for Listening Disorders Research www.listeningdisorders.org