Outliner and document organizer that integrates into MS Word

Why should I use WordOutliner instead of other outliner software?

Like other outliner software, WordOutliner is good for outlining and organizing writings, project and tasks, but what makes it different is that WordOutliner is built on top of Word, and is seamlessly integrated into Word (shows inside Word Window).

That being said, you already have Microsoft Word, which is the actual industry standard, what you lack of is a way of organizing your documents (and reference documents such as PDF, web pages, images, and so on), and WordOutliner exactly does that for you, right inside the Word window

Why should I use WordOutliner instead of other writing software?

See answer above.

Why should I use WordOutliner instead of other document manager/organizer?

In addition to the answer above, have a lightweight file manager/organizer sits inside Word Window is really handy.

What is a project folder in WordOutliner actually?

A project folder in the WordOutliner pane (on the left of the Word Window) is actually a link to a folder in your file system in your computer, for example, a sub-folder in "My Documents".

Where are my documents stored?

Your Word, PDF, plain text, image, html or any other formats of documents are stored in your project folders in your computer "as is", and WordOutliner only operate on them on the file level.

Where are my metadata stored?

Each project folder has a file called _project_metadata_.sqlite3, it's a Sqlite database file used to stored your metadata for documents in this project folder; Metadata includes document synopse, notes, tags, target word count, and so on.

The Sqlite database system is the most commonly used open source embedded database system in the world (users include Google Inc and Adobe Inc), it's very lightweight and fast. Open source means that your metadata is a stored in open file format, and there are a lot of publicly-available tools to read them outside of WordOutliner.

Why have you rewritten the old Writing Outliner as the new WordOutliner?

See answer below.

What are the advantages of the new WordOutliner over the old Writing Outliner?

The new WordOutliner is a complete redesign based on feedbacks by users of the old Writing Outliner, and the biggest difference is:

The new WordOutliner uses file system folders for storing your document content, instead of storing then into Sqlite database files in the old Writing Outliner (metadata are still stored in Sqlite databases, for good reasons). This way, all your documents are easily accessible by other programs or move between home PC and laptop (notebook) computers.

On top of the new file system storage, WordOutliner achieved:

  • Completely open data format - your documents are there in folders in your computer, with or without WordOutliner.
  • Supports 64bit Offices which available in Office 2010/2013(365)
  • Much better performance (a lot faster).
  • Better data (document content) stability - this is not easy to explain, but by design the old Writing Outliner uses a single Word Document Object (programming term) to simulate a smooth document switching experience within a single Word window, to do that, the old Writing Outliner has to modify Word document content during the process, and according to user reports, in rare cases recent edits will lost.

    But the new WordOutliner do not do that - it only operates on the file level, while still providing a smooth (but much faster) user experience.

How about the data security and stability?

See answer above.

Can I install the new WordOutliner without removing the old Writing Outliner?

Yes, the new WordOutliner can coexist with the old Writing Outliner, if you have both of them installed, you'll see switching options at the top of the left pane in the Word window.

Can I also installed WordOutliner on my laptop?

WordOutliner ins licensed on a per-user basis, and the license agreement allows you to install it onto up to 3 (three) computers, as long as you are the only user of WordOutliner.

Can I edit my project documents on another computer and sync them back?

Yes, your project documents are just ordinary documents in your computer, of course you can copy/move them to another computer and edit the document content, if you have Microsoft Word installed there. But need not to say, in order to edit the document metadata (synopse, notes, tags, target words, etc) you must have WordOutliner installed on the other computer too.

Does WordOutliner support Office 2013 and Office 365?

Yes, WordOutliner supports all versions of Microsoft Word from Word 2000 to Word 2013 (Office 365 is actually Office 2013, the difference is that you rent it from Microsoft monthly).

Does WordOutliner support 64bit version of Word?

Yes, WordOutliner supports 64bit version of Word which was first introduced in Office 2010 and continue exists in Office 2013 (Office 365).

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