Outliner and document organizer that integrates into MS Word

Download WordOutliner BETA Release

Note 1: This is a beta test release. If you see an error box like the following, PLEASE click the Email Report button (it'll email using Outlook).

outliner tool for Word

Note 2: The new WordOutliner will coexist with the old Writing Outliner.


Microsoft Windows that runs any of the following versions of Word:

Microsoft Word 2013/2010 (32bit and 64bit), 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000


Release Notes of WordOutliner

v0.8.4 Beta 3 - 2014 Winter

Some bugfixes and extended the Beta expiration date.

v0.8.3 Beta 2 - 2014 Summer

  • New Now the expanded/collapsed state of the folders in the outline are remembered across sessions.
  • New Added 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' commands for the project outline view.
  • Enhanced Backup files (*.wbk) created by MS Word, and other hidden files are now ignored in the project outline view.
  • Enhanced The loading of the project list is now done in the background, as a result, the loading of WordOutliner addin is faster.
  • Enhanced 'Show in Windows Explorer' menu command for the project list will show a floating hint window if the folder no longer exists, instead of just being silent.
  • Enhanced When an unexpected error happens, the technical info will be copied to the clipboard, so that the user can report it easily.
  • Fixed Some errors happens only with 64bit versions of MS Word.
  • Fixed An error that happens due to the current Windows user doesn't have enough permissions, when checking the system registry for the existence of the old Writing Outliner.
  • Fixed An error that happens when checking the 'Show All Windows in the Taskbar' Word option, because either there is no active Word window, or it's Word 2013 where this Word option no longer exists.
  • Fixed In most cases, there should not be any more "hint window" leftovers, but there might be some edge cases that this still happen.
  • Fixed The situation when you have input an invalid file/folder name is handle much better - without unexpected error boxes, and continue to editing.

v0.8.2.115 - 2014 Summer

  • Fixed The uninstaller wasn't work. Download the new version and install over the old version, then the uninstall will work.

v0.8.1.115 Beta 1 - 2014 Summer

First beta release.

WordOutliner is the complete redesign and rework of WritingOutliner, with the goal of 64bit Office support, file-system-as-storage, simplicity, performance and data security. Check out the FAQ for detailed changes.

The following features exist in the old WritingOutliner are NOT available in the new WordOutliner yet, and will be the next steps of the developemnt:

  • Merging multiple documents into a singe document.
  • Index cards (corkboard).

If you are users of the old Writing Outliner, you might want to take this chance to make suggestions while the developer implements the above mentioned features.