Get Tasks Done with Mind Mapping Software

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Capture Tasks Easily

MindVisualizer's keyboard support makes working on a mindmap like working on a Excel sheet, extremely easy. For example:

  • Type to edit. No need to double click or press <F2>.
  • Easy to add tasks with key strokes.
  • Easy to jump between tasks with arrow keys, Tab, Home, End, etc.
  • Context menu and floating buttons for common operations.
    And more, explore yourself!
Organize Tasks Naturally
  • Drag and drop to categorize tasks into groups.
  • Flexibly group tasks by types, projects, people, places, calendars, etc, whatever you want.
  • Collapse task groups to hide them temporary so that you can concentrate on other important ones at a given moment.
Built-in Task Properties Support

You can define the following task properties for each node in a mind map. You can also instantly filter tasks against these task info (details below).

  • Task name.
  • Task status: planning, in progress, waiting on, deferred, or completed.
  • Task priority (Low or high)
  • Task start or due date.
  • Task context (a GTD concept).
Distinguish Tasks Using Visual Markers

You can mark tasks with the following visual markers:

  • Icons.
  • Font color, style and size.
  • Background and frame color.
  • Shape type.
  • Larger images.
Keep Task Related Files Together
  • Text notesAdd rich format text notes to tasks.
  • LinksLink from tasks to files on disk, links on the web, Outlook emails, Outlook contacts, Outlook appointments, and so on.
  • file attachmentsEmbed file attachments including but not limited to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents, saved web pages, etc, into tasks.
Filter Your Tasks Instantly

Want to focus on certain tasks only? Want to instantly locate a task? No problem! The one-click filter sidebar allows you to filter tasks by:

  • Task name.
  • Task status: planning, in progress, waiting on, deferred, or completed.
  • Task priority.
  • Task start or due date. E.g find important tasks due in 3 days.
  • Task context.
Export or Print Your Task Lists

With MindVisualizer you can print your task list or export your tasks into the following formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word Doc Word & Microsoft Excel XLS Excel
  • Portable Document Format Adobe PDF and Rich Text Format RTF files
  • HTML pages Outlined HTML webpages and Plain TextText files
  • JPEG file JPG, PNG file PNG, GIF image GIF and BMP BMP images
  • Open Office ODT files OpenOffice documents and Open Office spreadsheets spreadsheets