Brainstorming with Mind Mapping Software

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Produce Ideas in Free-form

The first stage of brainstorming is generating ideas, in this stage you should not worry about how to organizing them.

Adding new ideas is easy

  • Double click to add a new floating idea.
  • Just type to edit the selected idea. You don't even need to press F2.

breakdown tasks easily

Organize Ideas Hierarchically with Drag-and-Drop

In the send stage - organizing ideas, your ideas can be easily rearranged with mouse drag-and-drop operations.

  • Group ideas into hierarchical structure. You can group the ideas in anyway that makes sense.
  • Order ideas by, for instance, importance, with drag-and-drop.

When the ideas are organized well and you look at them at a glance, you usually come up with more ideas, because pictures encourages your creativity.


Interconnect ideas with topic relations

Link Related Ideas

Sometimes hierarchical structure is not enough to represent the relationships between ideas, you can use additional lines to interconnect them.

Mark Ideas with Visual Markers

You can icons, font colors, background colors, etc, to mark ideas as you wish - for instance mark out important ideas.

Detailing Ideas with Text Notes
  • Use Text notesrich format text notes to further describe ideas if needed, while keeping the idea maps clean and concise..
  • Or use LinksHyperlinks or file attachmentsfile attachments to detail the ideas.
Export or Print Your Ideas

With MindVisualizer you can print or export your ideas into the following formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word Doc Word & Microsoft Excel XLS Excel
  • Portable Document Format Adobe PDF and Rich Text Format RTF files
  • HTML pages Outlined HTML webpages and Plain TextText files
  • JPEG file JPG, PNG file PNG, GIF image GIF and BMP BMP images
  • Open Office ODT files OpenOffice documents and Open Office spreadsheets spreadsheets