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Using MindVisualizer to Get Things Done Easier

Using the graphical mind mapping approach is the key part that differs MindVisualizer from other information organizing software, in other words, MindVisualizer is a mind mapping software that allows you to see the big picture of the ideas/information/issues and the relationships between them. Moreover, you can attach icons, images, Text notesnotes, Linkshyperlinks, file attachmentsattachments and Task properties task information to your mindmaps.


Check our mind mapping tutorials using MindVisualizer below:

More solutions to be coming!


Other Uses of MindVisualizer:

Since MindVisualizer mind mapping software mimics the way our brain works, the greatest benefit you will get is get your thoughts clarified. it can also be used for (but not limited to) the following purposes:

Note Taking
  • Condense information into keywords or key phrases.
  • Linking related topics.
  • Use text notes for topics that needs further details.
Internet Research
  • Similar to note taking, but you might find the 'locate as you type' and 'filter as you type' functions handy when managing large amount of information.
Decision Making
  • See all information at a glance.
  • Use colors, icons or images to distinguish different options.
Problem Solving
  • See the big picture of the problem.
  • See relationships between complex issues.